Unashamedly a Phillip Phillips Phangirl

Having watched about half of the seasons of American Idol, it is great to see this season’s winner stray from the standard vocal powerhouse in favor of a musically gifted modern-day crooner. Sure, his vocal abilities aren’t technically sound, but where his intonation is lacking, he makes up for in raw musical and songwriting talent.

Phillip Phillips — 21-year-old native of Leesburg, Georgia — is a modest, slow-talking, heart-melting, eye-twinkling cutie pie who has gripped his ogling female audience by the heart (and, er, loins) throughout season 11 of American Idol. It is difficult to decide to whom his folk-rock compares, and his unorthodox mannerisms and facial expressions while performing, paired with his uncompromising demeanor, more than contribute to his appeal. He has always been seemingly unfazed by it all — the bright lights, big stages, and glances of fame. He even denied Tommy Hilfiger’s fashion advice; instead opting for his perpetually-casual getup.

Phillip Phillips’ lack of technical perfection provides a fantastic parallel to his slapdash and scruffy appearance. But these imperfections serve only as a reminder of just how perfect he is.

I am very happy with the song he has chosen to be his first single, titled “Home” and, moreso, I look forward to the remainder of his career.


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