Visit to the MLB Fan Cave

Prior to visiting the MLB Fan Cave, I was unfamiliar with the entire premise of the invite-only venue. It’s not often I plead complete ignorance — in real life and in sports — so this experience was certainly a unique one, being that I had no idea what to expect.

This year marks the second year that the MLB Fan Cave all but inhabits nine Major League Baseball fanatics. Its nine “Cave Dwellers” are to watch all 2,430 MLB games throughout the season. Each “work day” entails nearly twelve hours of watching said games, and throughout the season, each of the fans is eliminated one by one by way of voting on* Professional athletes, celebrities and musicians all frequent the venue, creating what I would consider to be 15,000 square feet of living the dream — complete with a pool table, Etch-a-Sketch wall, Skee-ball, refrigerators of beer, and even a concert series throughout the season. Also professional athletes, celebrities and musicians, if I didn’t mention it already.

I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to visit the MLB Fan Cave (thanks to her and social media), and even more fortunate to have shared the space with three of the Cincinnati Reds‘ well known (and über-attractive) players: Jay Bruce, Brandon Phillips and Drew Stubbs. Jay Bruce and Drew Stubbs enjoyed Skee-ball while Brandon Phillips answered a fan’s tweet, as all three also toured the space and signed the autograph wall.

With the vast increase in its popularity over the past few years, social media (and especially Twitter) has catapulted the sports realm into new heights. The MLB Fan Cave has taken the fan experience into an entirely new stratosphere.

*For the record, I spoke most with the Phillies fan, who was a very friendly, great dude, so he has my vote. He also created a rap for his application video.


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