Super Bowl: Two Words, Two Teams, One Winner

For many reasons, I am having a bit of trouble trying to decide who I’d like to win Super Bowl XLVI. I believe it’s a pretty even match-up and I wouldn’t be surprised (or mad) with either team winning. Below are a few points that I think can help me decide:

  • New York > Boston. +1 Giants
  • As a Bengals fan, I feel absolutely zero ill will towards Chad Ochocinco. In fact, when he was picked up by the Patriots, my previously-harsh disdain for them eased dramatically. I even went so far as to say that I wanted him to finally get a Super Bowl ring. Here’s your chance, Chad. +1 Patriots
  • You can’t deny the sheer and unfair beauty of Tom Brady. And not only is he really, really pretty, he also embodies characteristics that make all quarterbacks insanely irresistible: intelligence, leadership, control, composure, and bridled intensity. +1 Patriots
  • Eli Manning is inherently awesome being that he is the younger, not-quite-as-awesome-but-still-great brother of Peyton ManningHowever, because I think Peyton Manning is the greatest, I don’t know if I can stomach Eli gaining another ring on his older brother. +1 Patriots.
  • Rob Gronkowski is an insane specimen of man. One of my favorite things about this guy is that, when told by Ryen Russillo on the SVP Show that he is a huge meathead, he simply replied, “thank you.” Also, he was fantastic on my fantasy team this year. +1 Patriots
  • I’m a broad, so here is the obligatory uniform opinion. Perhaps it’s because I’m a graphic designer and I feel the need to unnecessarily analyze color combinations, but it’s definitely a hugely aesthetic component that should be addressed. The Giants have the edge here, and — though both teams’ primary colors are blue and red — I think the grey tops silver in this regard. (Y’know, grey is one of my favorite colors.) +1 Giants

The Patriots have a slight advantage over the Giants with 4 points over 3. Happy Super Bowling!


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One Comment on “Super Bowl: Two Words, Two Teams, One Winner”

  1. ryan Staudt
    5 February 2012 at 4:17 pm #

    Pats baby!!!!!!

    “Lord of the Rings”-aka, Tom Brady

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