The Prince of Pop

I was the first to make Aaron Carter comparisons, exclaiming I couldn’t wait until the day we get to see The Biebs battling a meth habit. The day we finally saw his baby face plagued with craters and meth mouth. The day we witnessed his inevitable fall from post-tween-sensation grace.

I never understood why grown men and women even listened to this kid’s music. For all I knew, he was just another teen sensation struggling to portray a good boy facade; a facade that also masked a kid who probably wasn’t even all that talented to begin with.

But boy was I wrong. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Justin Bieber is here to stay.

No, really, hear me out:

He croons age-appropriate ditties and can even play the drums, guitar and piano, which is right on par with talents even Michael Jackson* demonstrated. (Oh, the kid can dance, too.) He seems to genuinely love what he does for a living, and is more than happy to express how grateful he is to do so. Really, he’s doesn’t appear to be much different than any other 17 year old (except his gazillion dollar net worth, being the youngest artist to ever sell out Madison Square Garden, and millions upon millions of worshipers).

He really is a talented kid. And a kid who, I think, is way too smart to ever get hooked on amphetamines.

I’m a Belieber.

*Look, I’m not here to say he is better than Michael Jackson, but don’t be surprised if his tenure in the industry compares to that of the King of Pop.



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