A Christmas List

Keeping with the Holiday trend, yours truly recently conducted a scientific poll*, which concluded that the top Christmas movies are:

1 ) Christmas Vacation
2 ) Elf
3 ) A Christmas Story
4 ) Home Alone
5 ) The Holiday
6 ) Just Friends
7 ) Die Hard
8 ) It’s A Wonderful Life
9 ) Love Actually
10 ) Bad Santa

Sprinkle in some classics (considered at least by some) like A Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Miracle on 34th Street, White Christmas, and The Santa Claus movies (original and Tim Allen version), and you’ve got a pretty lengthy list that can carry you through the entire holiday season (should you so choose).

It seems the dudes much prefer watching shit getting blown up to get into the holiday spirit, while the dudettes enjoy more heart-felt flicks (sounds about right). Such classic comedies as A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation appeal to the masses, as well as instant classic, Will Ferrell’s Elf.

My personal favorite is Just Friends, followed by Christmas Vacation, Home Alone, Elf and Love Actually. And, while everyone loves A Christmas Story, I must admit that the leg lamp, frozen tongue, fight scene, creepy Santas, and gratuitous “You’ll shoot your eye outs” did more than their fair of freaking me out as a child. That’s not to say, though, that — like with pickles in my life — I don’t continually keep trying it thinking that maybe this time will be different; that I will finally like it. And every year, it never changes (same with the pickles).

Now, for your viewing pleasure, some great clips to get you in the mood this holiday season.

*It wasn’t all that scientific; more opinions from various social media outlets.


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