Twilight Saga: Eclipse Movie Review

I don’t expect onlookers to understand the Twilight phenomenon, just as I do expect every person who reads the series to become entirely enthralled in it (take me for example: I’ve read all 2,444 pages of the four-book Saga nearly five times in the past two years!). It embodies the kind of thrills, fantasy, and love that every girl—even me, whose heart may be as cold as Edward’s—fantasizes to experience at some point in her lifetime. Edward’s the protector, the mature-beyond-his-age (but right on par with his ‘years’), understanding, and sensitive young man that most girls may not want in real life (let’s be honest: nice guys finish last), but cannot resist on paper or the big screen.

But enough with the mush. Last night I saw the midnight release of Twilight Saga: Eclipse. The experience shouldn’t have been all that surprising, given that it is the third movie in the series to which I’d gone to the midnight premiere. Except that there were many, many more people—yes, even more guys than usual—in attendance (all 20 theatre screens at AMC Newport on the Levee were dedicated to the showing), and there were teeny-boppers everywhere. It is summer break, after all. I was fortunate, however, to have sat in one of the smaller screening rooms, as there were noticeably less “oohs” and “ahhs” and “woos” and other corny, awkward crowd sentiments I’d rather not endure. I’d say it was probably one of the more mature crowds, but then again, I don’t know if that can be a description used to a group of people obsessed with this kind of flick.

I digress. The previous two movies in the saga—Twilight and New Moon— were just okay in my opinion. [You can read my Twilight movie review here], but I obviously enjoyed them because I love the series that much. Throughout all 124 minutes of Eclipse, I was never bored (I cannot say the same for New Moon, as some parts really dragged on) and didn’t want it to end.

Instead of a typical movie review, I will simply point out what things I did and did not like:

The acting—in my opinion—has gotten infinitesimally (I had to use it, as Stephenie Meyer typically overuses it) better. There are still some really crappy actors and no one is particularly great, but in comparison to Twilight and New Moon, something went right here. Perhaps they’ve finally hit their stride with director David Slade (also directed Hard Candy and 30 Days of Night).

Contrary to Twilight and New Moon, Edward and Bella actually seemed like a real couple. Edward smiled. A lot. Is it possible that he somehow got more attractive with this slight improvement? It was lovely to see either way.

Kristen Stewart is much less annoying in Eclipse. Less eye blinking, head shaking, and unnecessary grunting (or whatever that breathing thing is that she does). And she actually looked really pretty. Did they finally hire a decent hair and makeup department succeeding the money they’ve made on the Saga thus far?

We finally get some face time with Rosalie (Nikki Reed) and Jasper (Jackson Rathbone) as they delve into their pasts with Bella. These integral dialogues were congruent with the book’s storyline, and were vital for character development as they translated to the screen.

The CGI was much better than New Moon’s, and a larger budget is to thank for that. There is, however, more room for improvement if the franchise expects to succeed for what needs to be done for Breaking Dawn.

Speaking of CGI, the fight scene(s) were pretty well done also. They were suspenseful, thrilling, and the graphics were great.

There were slight variances in the adaptation from book to screen, but that is to be expected to allow effective continuity. In my opinion, no major points were missed and the adaptation was sufficient.

Bella’s engagement ring was a huge letdown. There are certain things that shouldn’t stray from the description in the book; this being one of them It was nothing how it was described and—quite honestly—it was far too big and gaudy for anyone, especially Bella. I would have suggested something like this or even this.

I really enjoyed the dialogue between Edward and Jacob in the tent on the mountain. It was tense and serious, but a few light-hearted parts garnered some laughs from the audience.

I was especially enamored by Riley Biers (Xavier Samuel), the newborn vampire that Victoria made her right-hand-man who—along with the newborn vamps from Seattle—was ordered to kill Bella. I don’t know if it was because he was insanely attractive or what… Well, that is probably most of it, because his acting wasn’t the best.

No matter how much I wanted to absolutely love Twilight and New Moon, I left the theatre feeling somewhat disappointed. (Trust me: I knew going in that it was an exceptionally daunting task to bring such a coveted series to the big screen.) However, that was not the case as I exited the theatre last night, feeling satisfied and confident; even exultant and especially impatient for Breaking Dawn. Only 17 months away…

Rating: 6.7/10


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2 Comments on “Twilight Saga: Eclipse Movie Review”

  1. Angie
    30 June 2010 at 3:07 pm #

    Awesome write up… we see it tomorrow night… Did you go to the Imax theater?
    You really have a way with words Linsey… Great Job!!!!

  2. kate
    1 July 2010 at 2:54 am #

    I totally agree with your review–this was definitely the best acted and most exciting portion of the franchise so far.

    I went to a Twilight movie marathon (seriously–the theater showed everything from Twilight @ 7:15 to Eclipse @ midnight) and ended up wondering the following things:
    1) Why didn’t anyone in Bella’s family notice that she had been BITTEN BY SOMEONE when she FELL DOWN THE STAIRS in Twilight?! UH HELLO! That bite mark is there for the rest of the movies and nobody seems to notice!
    2) Why was Taylor Lautner so…vacant? I thought he was way better in New Moon. He seemed…stiff? Awkward? Like he was trying too hard?
    3) Why was Bryce Dallas Howard’s wig so terrible? Really–I get that she’s a redhead in real life. If you want to rock a redhead in the role that you replaced Rachelle LeFevre in, do the following: get a better wig, or act like Victoria got a haircut a la Eric in ‘True Blood’.
    4) Why did they shortchange the very-nearly sex scene? In the book, that scene really brings to the fore the whole dichotomy of let’s-do-it-let’s-not-do-it that is so typical of the high school experience. Bella’s desperation is awkwardly palpable in a relatable way. So why did the director reduce that scene into one of an incredibly awkward proposal? Honestly–better an awkward almost sex scene than an awkward proposal scene, right?

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