I and Love and You

I started listening to The Avett Brothers about two years ago, after their 2007 album titled “Emotionalism” was released. From Concord, North Carolina, the Avett Brothers has been associated with genres such as Folk and Roots rock, but embody and produce tracks in the likes of folk, rock, bluegrass, punk/pop, and ragtime. Their sound has been described as having the “heavy sadness of Townes Van Zandt, the light pop concision of Buddy Holly, the tuneful jangle of the Beatles, the raw energy of the Ramones” (San Francisco Chronicle).

The Avett Brothers performing on 5/29

Consisting of brothers Seth and Scott Avett (guitar and banjo respectively), Bob Crawford (stand up bass) and Joe Kwon (cello), I was fortunate enough to have seen The Avett Brothers this past Saturday (5/29) in Columbus with a friend of mine from College. Here are some highlights:

Seeing them live was kind of unreal. I had the chills during their first song of the set and experienced them sporadically throughout. Their intonation does not stray from what is heard in studio albums, which is not something that is easily done. Scott’s voice is unbelievable and Seth’s really is great as well. Their voices combined make unparalleled harmonies.

The venue was really incredible. The show was outdoors at the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion, which has been ranked in the top 100 venues in the US. It is a medium-sized place with a standing pit area as well as a decently sized lawn area. The setting was surprisingly personal.

I was especially blown away by the cellist, Joe Kwon. His means for playing his instrument is highly unorthodox as he remained high energy along with his three band mates. I’ve never seen a cellist galavant around a stage while playing a cello with such ease. Who am I kidding? I’ve never seen anyone galavanting the stage hoisting a cello, let alone simultaneously playing it.

Scott Avett performed “Murder in the City” solo on stage. Very cool moment. Other notable songs were “Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise,” “Go to Sleep” and one of my favorite tracks from their newest album, “And It Spread.”

After the encore (really, are bands ever going to stop doing this? We know you’re coming back on, so why don’t you just skip that part?), The Avett Brothers returned to the stage for “January Wedding” and [naturally] ended with “I and Love and You” which was a really great moment between band and audience.

Bob Crawford, Scott Avett, Seth Avett

The Avett Brothers has been one of my favorite bands since I’ve started listening to them, and—after seeing them live—I only love them that much more. If you’ve never checked out their stuff, you really, really need to. I’ve linked the songs in this post for you to check out.


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