Parenthood Recap: “Team Braverman”

Last night’s Parenthood excelled, just as it has its entire first season. In the penultimate episode of its inaugural season, we saw many conflicts come to a point, and hope to see some conclusions (as well as cliffhangers) in next week’s finale.

The most critical storyline of the episode is the love triangle between Haddie, Amber and Steve (Haddie’s ex-boyfriend). Mae Whitman has been outstanding the entire season as Sarah’s (Lauren Graham) angst-filled teenage daughter, and it is incredible how real the scenarios are depicted, including—but certainly not limited to—the tension between Haddie and Amber as well as the consequential arguments between their mothers, Kristina and Sarah. We’ve gotten the idea that Amber demonstrates poor decision-making with boys, but now that she actually has feelings for Steve, it is extremely difficult for her to deny them. To anyone who has experienced a similar situation as her’s (not wanting to be with someone that you absolutely cannot help but love and need to be with), it is difficult not to empathize with her situation.

The Braverman’s participated in a fund-raising walk for Autism Speaks (a great way to raise some awareness to its viewers), and Max was obsessed with winning and getting the trophy. Upon asking about their involvement with that particular issue, Adam side-stepped the question, as it was clearly not the appropriate time for Adam and Kristina to explain that Max is, in fact, on the spectrum of Autism, having been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome earlier this season. Max’s depiction of Asperger’s has been accurate throughout, a feat that most television shows could never accomplish. [Insert yet another hats-off to the writers, who have been phenomenal for this show; perhaps some of the best writing I’ve seen in a TV drama in years.]

We also saw the continuation of Zeek and Camille’s dissolving, infideltiy-ridden marriage; Crosby’s new life and family potentially leaving for New York (will he leave, too?); and Julia’s continuing struggle to be both a suburban wife and mother, while maintaining a career as a successful lawyer.

How will the season finale pan out? Will Crosby go or will he stay? Can Adam, Kristina, and Sarah help mediate the escalating tension between Haddie and Amber? Will there be a reconciliation between Zeek and Camille? Watch the preview below for the season finale of Parenthood:


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One Comment on “Parenthood Recap: “Team Braverman””

  1. Jen
    19 May 2010 at 4:27 pm #

    I absolutely LOVE this show, and I agree that it is great writing. I’m so sad its already time for season finales in TV-land.

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