AXEidentally on Purpose

News came out today that CBS’s Accidentally on Purpose has gotten the axe. I had a feeling it’d be coming, but I am still a little sad and bitter nonetheless. It is rare that you can find a really great sitcom that—like Angel Food cake—is light and fluffy, but full of substance.

Zack (Jon Foster), Billie (Jenna Elfman) and Davis (Nicolas Wright) in a scene from Accidentally on Purpose

Jenna Elfman plays Billie Chase, a 36-year-old entertainment writer for a San Francisco periodical, who gets  knocked up by 22-year-old Zack (Jon Foster) after a drunken one night stand. The 18 episode series chronicled the hilarious [yet sometimes serious] ups and downs in Billie and Zack’s relationship, as well as their hilarious and quirky supporting cast.

I found myself el-oh-elling (I think a lot of shows are funny, but that does not mean I’m always actually laughing out loud) quite frequently at Billie and Zack’s debacles, but even moreso at Davis (played by Nicolas Wright), and Olivia’s (Ashley Jensen) endeavors, especially as they ended up hooking up near the series’ demise.

This is one sitcom that I am sad to see go, but look for way more of Jon Foster and Nicolas Wright in the future, AOP being a starting off point as their careers are really just beginning.


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