14 Must-Haves [According to Yours Truly]

I live by a little something I like to call brand loyalty. I am very particular about things I use and [even sometimes] wear. Once I find a great product, I try to stick with it. There are a few things I use and swear by; products that come highly recommended, and they are listed below:

Almond Oil Daily Hand & Nail Cream (The Body Shop) – This hand lotion is phenomenal. It is not greasy and it is very thick and creamy, allowing for maximum moisturization and minimal use. It is also great for cuticles, as mine currently look fantastic.

BCBG Black CardiWrap — For those who know me, know I wear a cardigan with almost every outfit, and there really is nothing like a basic black cardigan; except the BCBG CardiWrap takes basic to the next level, providing multiple ways to wear it. They are light enough to wear in the spring as well as cool summer nights, and are warm enough to utilize as a wrap when it gets breezy or chilly outside.

G-Shock by Casio — These watches have been around for a while, and have recently become more popular again. They are very hardy for athletes and outdoor-oriented activities, as well as stylish for those who are simply sticking with the trends. (Other suggested colors–White, Yellow and Black; I prefer the Resin band over the “jelly” look.)

L’Oreal Eyebrow Pencil — Along with decent skin, I’ve been ‘blessed’ with very thin, very light eyebrows. I use the term blessed very lightly because—though without enhancements, they are basically non-existent, I also have the capability to perfect them with an eyebrow pencil.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser — Fortunately, I have been blessed with pretty great skin. I don’t even wear foundation or powder, so the maintenance I need to keep up with on the regular isn’t much more than using face wash and moisturizer. I have been swearing by this cleanser for more than 6 or 7 years now and don’t intend to switch any time soon.

Nike Air Max 2009 — I like to think that I am somewhat of a sneaker connoisseur (at least of the Air Max persuasion), and when I tried on the Air Max 2009s, I knew I had never felt anything like it. Sure Air Max 1s, 90s, 95s and 97s are great-looking shoes. However, they aren’t necessarily the most comfortable. When I first stepped into the 2009s I felt like I was walking on clouds. They are perfect for casual wear or running, so I made sure to buy an additional pair: one to run in and get busted up; the other to keep fresh.

Papermate Profile 1.4mm Pen – I am a real sucker for delicious ink flow in pens. I have always used Papermate and found them to be the best (it’s that brand loyalty I’m talking about), and recently I found the Papermate Profile pen. The ink flow is outstanding and it writes beautifully.

Plan Ahead Planner (and—consequently—a binder clip) — Though I have a Blackberry, I prefer that my plans and important events be “tangible”. [Plus, I am obsessed with my handwriting, so I love to hand-write things whenever possible.] I think it is silly to spend a ton of money on planners, so I typically march my happy-planner-ass into Wal-Mart (or any other discount store) and buy a yearly planner for a whopping 5 or 6 bucks. Along with a planner, binder clips are a MUST.

Sharpie Golden Yellow Highlighters — I have always been strange about the colors of my highlighters. In elementary and middle school I loved color coding. The only issue? Highlighter colors are ABYSMAL (neon yellow, green, and orange are—by far—the absolute worst; blue and pink I can kind of deal with). That is, until I stumbled upon golden yellow ones. I refuse—absolutely refuse—to ever use neon yellow highlighters again in my lifetime. Instead, I will only use Sharpie Gold Yellow Highlighters.

Spoon Bracelet – Perfect for casual wear, but it can also be used as a special event accessory. If you appreciate ornate and floral art (think Arts & Crafts; Rococo), these come highly suggested from me, as the artwork on these vintage and antique spoons is really diverse and incredible.

Sterling Silver Rose Ring – I recently purchased this gem. Nice, silver rings like this can run anywhere from $25 to $150. They are perfect to dress up any outfit, or as a staple for your everyday wardrobe (as I wear mine).

Sperry Top-Sider — Again, these are very versatile and can be worn with casual attire or when you’re in the mood to dress up to J.Crew standards. They are insanely comfortable and have taken the place of wearing flip flops these past few summers.

Vanilla Mint ChapStick — This great-tasting ChapStick is perfect for any lip balm user. It has a delicious, subtle taste and smell, but it is medicated and soothing for chapped or dry lips. It is also perfect for summer, as it contains SPF 15. [They can be difficult to find, but once you do, I suggest you stock up.]


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One Comment on “14 Must-Haves [According to Yours Truly]”

  1. 27 May 2010 at 3:54 pm #

    my favorite on your list? (besides the jewelry, which i love love love, ugh, LOVE that spoon bracelet and anything rosette) – the binder clip.

    target has some super-cute ones with pseudo-vintage-psychedelic designs on them.

    my boss recently bought a bunch of gold binder clips. um… NO. tacky mc tackerson.

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