The Mighty Ducks: The Greatest Trilogy Ever Produced

I’ve been in the mood for The Mighty Ducks recently, and today I finally watched D2.

I still stand by my belief that The Mighty Ducks is the single greatest trilogy known to man. Sure, there’s the Back to the Future trilogy as well as the original Stars Wars Trilogy, Lord of the Rings and The Godfather Parts I, II and III, but then you have a gem like The Mighty Ducks. I will be honest, I have never even seen all of those trilogies and—to be even more honest—I don’t really care to. Action adventure, sci-fi and mobster films aren’t really for me. But a sports movie? With Emilio Estevez as Coach Gordon Bombay? And the Bash Brothers, Cake Eater and a huge, farts-a-lot-yet-lovable goalie whose silly antics with Averman are sure to generate some laughs? Yes, please!

If The Sandlot or Little Giants had two successors such as the Ducks did, then we’d have some real competition.

Many argue that D2 is their favorite of the trilogy and that D3 is absolutely awful, but I highly disagree with the latter. Where else would you see a movie that a gang of freshman hockey players obtain scholarships to a prestigious prep school, only to replace the varsity team and have the academy change their mascot from the Warriors to The Mighty Ducks on a whim? Nowhere, that’s where. Plus, all the boys had grown up and some were actually quite attractive.

I will leave you with a video from the best song from the series (The B-52’s “Good Stuff”), as well as a recent picture of Adam “Cake Eater” Banks, who—at times—looked a little syndromy, but was still hot in a strange kind of way.

Vincent Larusso (Adam Banks)

[Side note: I never realized Guy Germaine was so damn cute until my most recent viewing! And did you know that he and Fulton Reed are brothers in real life? Eek, now we know who stole all the good genes]


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