iHope For A Non-Touchscreen iPhone

Ah, cellular devices. I’ve had one since the Christmas before I turned 16. You know: one of those super-huge iWireless Nokia 5110 phones with inter-changeable faceplates and light-up antennas*? Clearly technology has increased exponentially since Y2K, and—as a technology aficionado—my expectations for mobile phones have, too.

[Fast forward 7 cell phones]

After a year of having the LG Dare (2008–2009), I was over it. Not only are touch screens easily scratched, they are far more susceptible to smudge and funk. It might be my obsessive personality, but I am not okay with having to clean my screen (I was using Apple’s iKlean, the same to clean my MacBook Pro) as often as I was when I had the Dare.

Is anyone else over the touchscreen phase? Or am I the lone ranger here? Sadly, I feel as though the TSP is booming, as the sales in iPhones, Droids and Nexxus Ones sky-rocket. Post-Dare I found myself purchasing (and LOVING) a Blackberry Tour. I feel that having an entire keyboard of buttons allows for swifter texting, BBMing and Tweeting, while lessening potential spelling errors on a touch screen. While this is just a minor issue within a broad spectrum of a mess of issues, I use my phone primarily for these reasons (SMS, MMS, BBM, Twitter), as I feel many people do.

As a very dedicated Apple customer, I propose that they branch out from simply having the touchscreen phone. Sure, the large screen (and, thus, the stellar graphics) is pretty unreal, but even if the screen is smaller, I think it would be outstanding if they dabbled with the idea of a non-touchscreen phone. As innovative as Apple is, there has to be a product on the drawing board that has buttons. Or am I the only looney toon who cares enough about a phone with buttons that I demand one be created?

I recently found a photo of an Apple phone online; a preliminary idea that certainly is not what I’d like for sure, but definitely a step in the right direction.

My Proposal
Think MacBook Pro: Aluminum enclosure—to make it light and durable—with black buttons (illuminated, black buttons would be ideal) and the choice of either a glossy or antiglare screen. Flip phones are passe so I have no interest in it looking exactly like this photo. But damn, wouldn’t a non-flip-phone phone along these lines be outstanding?
*I swear on Google’s life that I never had one of those light up antennas. I did, however, have an array of interchangeable faceplates!

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2 Comments on “iHope For A Non-Touchscreen iPhone”

  1. 10 June 2010 at 5:17 pm #

    So…do you have an iPhone?

    In my opinion…once you use an iPhone for like a year there is just no going back to physical keyboards. Physical buttons break or fall out and they just sound old and creaky after about 3 months of texting.

    Touch screens on the other hand don’t wear out or sound like your typing on an old ass type writer.

    Plus…there are phones with good touch screens (iPhone, Nexus One, HTC phones) which are capacitive VS. terrible touch screens which are resistive (think I have to use a stylus, LG Dare).

    Personally, I think that after you learn to use a true quality touchscreen phone you will never want to go back.

    • linseyagardner
      10 June 2010 at 5:30 pm #

      I appreciate your contribution, Mark!

      I do not have an iPhone, no. I have, however, had touchscreen phones and find that, though they may look beautiful, it becomes unreasonably dirty, smudgy and scratched far too quickly. Being as particular as I am, it is difficult to have to clean a screen multiple times a day (and trust me, when I don’t, it is very bothersome and irritating). Therefore, I think it would be a cool thing for Apple to look into establishing a very sleek, cool phone that resembles another one of their machines that I own, the MacBook Pro.

      As far as texting goes, I will be honest, it’s basically all I do on my phone. Well, BBM, email and text (in that order). I have had my Blackberry Tour for almost a year now, and I assure you, the keys are still in tact and don’t sound “old and creaky” or as if I’m “typing on an old ass typewriter”. Though that would be kind of funny and allows for hilarious imagery in and of itself.

      All I do know is that arguing iPhone vs Blackberry is the same as arguing Britney Spears vs Christina Aguilera, politics and religion: nobody will ever be right and it’s all about preference. And I prefer a non-touchscreen phone 🙂

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