Why I think Lady Gaga kind of rules

Going to art school, I dealt a lot with crazies and their trying too hard to make pretentious art happen. Therefore, I appreciate an artist who isn’t pretentious and offensive, but whose fashion statements are so blunt (most of the time this can be meant literally; I would be aware of getting your eyes poked out), she can surely offend the non-appreciaters.

I am not a diehard Lady Gaga fan. Au contraire. I currently have her album (The Fame) in my iTunes, but I admit that I have never even listened to it in its entirety. [Side note: I do not listen to the radio (FM anyway). I would rather play out my own tracks (and trust me, I do) than have The Man do it for me. Therefore, if I’m not listening to albums and compilations I’ve made myself, I am listening to ESPN Radio (Mike & Mike in the mornings, Colin Cowherd during my lunch break) or 1530 Homer (Mo Egger on my drive home) on AM frequencies.] I love awesomely bad pop music as much as the next person, but some of it is just too abysmal to even stomach anymore. It’s nice to be a believer that edgy pop is back, and we are very fortunate that someone will hopefully, finally be taking away Madonna’s Queen of Pop crown. That woman and her disgusting middle-aged ‘roided out muscles are for the birds.


Back to my point: though I’m not a diehard fan of her music, I will say that it’s definitely pretty good. So say what you want about how “stupid” and “idiotic” Lady Gaga’s get-ups are. Yes, she’s strange. Yes, she’s eccentric. Yes, she’s not for everyone. But she took home 2 Grammys and about $92837492378 last year. And everyone – whether you like her or you don’t – is talking about her. She’s bringing fashion back. 99% of the world’s population wouldn’t be caught dead in some of her ensembles, but that’s not the point. She’s walking artwork. And at least she didn’t look as ridiculous as some of the shit Lil Kim would wear.


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