The Perks of Being a Twitterer

In honor of my impending 2000th tweet, I have decided to blog about it. Then tweet about my blog. (Naturally) For my 1000th, all I did was come up with a measly new word hybrid. We all know that isn’t very special, as I come up with those all the time. I owe this great website much more respect than that, as it has enhanced my life in a multitude of ways.

I realize that there is some confusion about the use (or lack thereof according to ignorant minds) and importance of Twitter (If you’ve been hanging out in outer space recently, it is the social media site that has quickly gained momentum and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down any time soon). It can be used as a vehicle for professionals to network, an informative platform regarding any number of subjects, or as a creative outlet for individuals like myself, as I love for the world to see how witty and hilarious I am. I also enjoy hearing what my colleagues (graphic designers, artists, printmakers alike) have to say, I receive sports and entertainment updates, and I like to see what other witty, hilarious people (like myself) have to share.

Perks of Being a Twitterer
First and foremost: I don’t go to the news; the news comes to me. There have been many notable events as of late (the Tiger Woods scandal and Chris Henry’s untimely death), which were broken on Twitter as soon as – if not before – most reputable news programs (most of which have Twitter accounts as well). Additionally, I am a huge fan of receiving play-by-play updates of Bengals games.

Networking and building relationships with colleagues and peers has become simple with Twitter, which is very important, especially in an industry such as my own. As a graphic designer, it is imperative that I stay current with design news and trends, and Twitter makes it that much easier.

Most importantly, whenever I am feeling bored in a small time frame (e.g. sitting at a red light) and need to make myself useful for 30 seconds, I check Twitter updates. In this regard, Twitter has eclipsed Facebook as my favorite social networking site simply because it doesn’t require much attention span. Whereas, we all know Facebook can consume you and swallow you whole in one sitting.

If you aren’t doing so already, follow me at If you’re still unsure about joining, I suggest taking the plunge. I give introductory Twitter tutorials for $10 per hour (kidding).


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