Chris Henry: An Unfinished Comeback Story

Sports fans invest a lot of time and money into favorite teams and players. (Why we become so enamored with the whole concept is a totally different conversation in and of itself; it’s neither here nor there in regard to this post.) Though we may not know them personally, the investment we have made as spectators makes us feel as though we have made some strange bond with the players we watch and read about day in and day out. The fascination that has manifested itself within us is inexplicable, but it’s apparent, especially as we grieve a young man whom most of us have never met, but one we feel a connection with as we’ve watched him grow on and off the football field.

People [I’m kind of ashamed to say I know] have made comments such as “Karma’s a bitch.” Sure he made some sketch decisions in his short adult life, but not only is that statement inhumane and cruel, but do crimes such as contributing alcohol to minors, carrying a concealed weapon without a license, and committing traffic violations warrant death as punishment? A death – I might add – that came much too soon.

I know I can attest for Bengaldom [as a pseudo-entirety] that we were a little blown away by the organization (or rather, Mike Brown) re-signing Chris Henry after his various run-ins with the law. But I can also assure you that we feel no regrets, as we should be very proud to have seen the progress Chris Henry made on and – more importantly – off the field.

His is an unwritten comeback story, and it is unfortunate that it should remain unfinished.


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