I Have Such a Love/Hate Relationship With Technology

…well, I love it mostly, but sometimes I hate it.

I was reading through my Twitter timeline a few minutes ago and I saw that a good friend of mine, @MeXiCaNnOnSp tweeted “Wrote in cursive today for the first time in years. It’s like riding a bike, but falling multiple times.” That tweet made my heart die a little bit.

Okay, a lot.

Sex, Lies and Handwriting: A Top Expert Reveals the Secrets Hidden in Your Handwriting by Michelle Dresbold

The older I get, the more intrigued I become with handwriting (Please check out this book; it’s one of my favorites). Consequently, my love for cursive handwriting grows just the same. Conversely, cursive – as we know it – is becoming an endangered art form.

According to Wikipedia (side note: Take it as you will. I just happen to find Wikipedia to be very helpful. Thus, I would like to believe it is 100% factual 100% of the time), “Cursive is any style of handwriting that is designed for writing notes and letters quickly by hand.” And there you have it; as much as I love technology, I simultaneously resent it because not only is it killing efficient spelling and grammar as we know it, but it is single-handedly eliminating the usage of one of the earliest and simplest means for art: cursive handwriting.


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One Comment on “I Have Such a Love/Hate Relationship With Technology”

  1. 5 December 2009 at 6:01 am #

    In an age of cellphones and cybertech, we should have expected that — sooner or later — you could buy an iPhone application to teach handwriting. A medical software firm called Deep Pocket Series — owned by an MD who has gotten fed up with the scribbles of his colleagues and others — has released Better Letters, an iPhone app advertised as “the personal handwriting trainer in your pocket.” (This is the app mentioned in GQ Magazine’s December 2009 handwriting coverage — p. 128, right sidebar.)

    So — If you scribble, or have cellphone-obsessed kids who do — steer those typing fingers to the app’s eye-catching video at http://bit.ly/BetterLettersVideo or directly to the main page (includes download link) at http://bit.ly/com … we may yet save handwriting!

    Kate Gladstone
    Director, World Handwriting Contest
    Founder and CEO, Handwriting That Works/Handwriting Repair handwriting improvement service
    Co-designer and content provider, Better Letters personal handwriting trainer for the iPhone and iPodTouch

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