Life has the sweetest refrain; if it calls for you, go

I’ve made some pretty stellar mixes in my day, dating all the way back to elementary and middle school when said mixes were masterfully dubbed onto cassette tape from good old FM radio. Fast forward about 10 years and I have created my best mix yet; this time on compact disc. It is wild how far technology has come. Below is the track listing in order, with a video from YouTube for each of the songs. There are also additional track recommendations for each of the artists. Enjoy!

1) Metric – Help I’m Alive
Genre: Alternative/Indie Rock/New Wave
Other Notable Tracks: Grow Up and Blow Away; On the Sly; The Twist, Rock Me Now

2) Tilly & The Wall – Dust Me Off
Genre: Indie Pop; noted for having a tap dancer instead of a drummer
Other Notable Tracks: Bad Education, Lost Girls, The Freest Man, Falling Without Knowing, Beat Control, Fell Down the Stairs, Bessa, I Always Knew, Shake Shake

3) matt pond PA – Halloween
Genre: Indie Rock
Other Notable Tracks: KC, Lily Two, New Hampshire, Claire, Last Song,

4) The Avett Brothers – Pretty Girl from San Diego
Genre: Rock/Folk/Bluegrass
Other Notable Tracks: Die, Die, Die; Shame; Paranoia in B Major; The Weight of Lies; The Ballad of Love and Hate; Living of Love

5) Marina & The Diamonds – I Am Not A Robot
Genre: New Wave/Pop
Other Notable Tracks: We’ve Got Obsessions; Mowgli’s Road

6) Peter Bjorn & John – Paris 2004
Genre: Electropop/Post-punk Revival
Other Notable Tracks: Objections of My Affection; Young Folks; Amsterdam; Up Against the Wall; Let’s Call It Off

7) Rilo Kiley – Smoke Detector
Genre: Indie Pop/Indie Rock
Other Notable Tracks: It’s A Hit; Portions For Foxes; I Never; Love and War (11/11/46); A Man/Me/Then Jim; Silver Lining; Close Call; Breakin’ Up; 15

8) Coconut Records – Any Fun
Genre: Pop/Rock
Other Notable Tracks: West Coast; Nighttiming; Minding My Own Business; The Thanks I Get; Saint Jerome

9) The Everybodyfields – Aeroplane
Genre: Folk/Bluegrass
Other Notable Tracks: So Good; Lonely Anywhere; Don’t Tern Around

10) The Essex Green – Don’t Know Why (You Stay)
Genre: Indie Rock/Pop/Folk
Other Notable Tracks: This Isn’t Farm Life; Penny & Jack; Snakes in the Grass; Sin City

11) Grand Ole Party – Look Out Young Son
Genre: Rock
Other Notable Tracks: Nasty Habits; Belle Isle; Turn On, Burn On; INSANE; Bad, Bad Man; Redrum Heart

12) Julian Perretta – Ride My Star
Genre: Pop/Soul
Other Notable Tracks: Wonder Why; Feel Better

13) The Magic Numbers – Mornings Eleven
Genre: Indie Pop/Rock
Other Notable Tracks: The Mule; Love Me Like You; I See You, You See Me

14) Jenny Lewis – Black Sand
Genre: Indie Rock/Folk/Alternative Country
Other Notable Tracks: Pretty Bird; The Next Messiah; Bad Man’s World

15) Camera Obscura – Tears For Affairs
Genre: Indie Pop
Other Notable Tracks: Lloyd, I’m Ready to Be Heartbroken; Come Back Margaret; Let’s Get Out Of This Country; If Looks Could Kill


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