Featured Artist- Jennifer Schrock

I think it’s about time I start whorring out fellow designers and artists. Is that inappropriate to say? Eh, well. I guess it’s fitting then, seeing that I think being inappropriate is hilarious.

Jen Schrock, Graphic Designer/Photographer

Jen Schrock, Graphic Designer/Photographer

Our first subject is Jennifer (Jen) Schrock: friend, 2007 BGSU Graphic Design Graduate, and reader of os(pc)s. Of course, it is appropriate to get permission from these designers, and here is how our conversation went:

Linsey- Do you mind if I whore out your portfolio on my fan page? Or maybe even my blog? I need to start featuring artists
Jen- Oh no problem! Whore me out all you want, Linsey!

I’ve never seen such enthusiasm for whorring, and I kind of like it!

Onward to the interviewage–

Favorite typeface?
Jen: Right now? Archer

Of all time?
Jen: I stick to the classics, I love DIN

I know you know your Pantones. What’s your favorite?
Thanks. LOL. I do- PMS 425, PMS 129, and PMS 319

You make me proud. But for those of us who do not speak Pantone, what colors are they?
Jen: 425 is a dark grey, 129 is a sunny yellow, and 319 is about the prettiest shade of aqua you could ever imagine

I just wanted to say that I appreciate the way you spell grey. Hahah

Where are you currently employed and where do you hope to see yourself in five years?
Jen: I am currently employed by Heidelberg University. I see myself in five years being in one of two places: either in a small design firm somewhere, or freelancing both design and photography

What kind of work do you find you have the most expertise, do you prefer any specific styles or eras in design history, and who or what inspires you most?
Jen: I would say that print work is definitely my expertise, especially designing catalogs and magazines. For the University, I produce 3 alumni magazines a year, as well as a viewbook, which is a college catalog. As for styles, I tend to gravitate towards a grid structure. I rely heavily on structure because I do multiple projects that all belong to a “family” of pieces, so I need to have a way to produce them effectively. What really inspires me is controlled chaos—the ability to carefully construct something that looks like it was an accident.

Who are you currently listening to and what do you recommend to the readers?
Jen: I am currently listening to The Dead Weather, and I recommend them to everyone who likes bluesy rock music.

You can find Jen’s portfolio here.


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