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2 Chainz Tuesday: Enjoying the RAPocalypse

My recent obsession with 2 Chainz is a contradiction to everything I ...

Defending Female Fanhood. Again.

I’m the first to sing Twitter’s praises, but it isn’t always rainbows ...

It Was Only a Matter of Time

I am just as surprised as you are that I have yet ...

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Tour de Cincinnati, Week 4

Week 4 — Senate Pub

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Tour de Cincinnati, Week 3

Week 3 — Dusmesh

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Tour de Cincinnati, Week 2

Week 2 — Take the Cake

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Tour de Cincinnati, Week 1

A self-proclaimed Cincinnati enthusiast, I like to think I know a reasonable amount about this great city. Conversely, I am still learning so much about it, and there are a ton of places where I’ve yet to go. This blog, along with Yelp, will help me frequent these great restaurants, music venues, and various entertainment events […]

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Postseason Fanual 2.0: Reds Edition

Alright, Reds fans, I’ve decided to bring you the 2nd Edition of the Fan Manual (or “Fanual” as I like to call it) in honor of tomorrow night’s game between the Cincinnati Reds and San Francisco Giants: #1 – Dress accordingly. It is going to be one of those weird Cincinnati weather days where, during […]

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Winning the Gold: Then and Now

Only twice since women’s gymnastics was introduced as an Olympic sport when the Modern Games began in 1896, have the USA women’s team brought home the team all-around gold medal: the first being when the Magnificent Seven won the hardware in Atlanta in 1996, and the second when 2012’s Fab Five dominated in London earlier […]

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2 Chainz Tuesday: Enjoying the RAPocalypse

My recent obsession with 2 Chainz is a contradiction to everything I stand for as a pseudo-discerning music listener. Sure, I enjoy Justin Bieber and I count Britney Spears as one of my all-time favorite entertainers (everyone is entitled to guilty pleasures, right?), but there is a special blend of terrible that the artist formerly […]

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You Can Be Warned, But Not Always Prepared

You can be warned about the potential destruction of a violent tornado, but you can never be prepared for the aftermath. It is estimated that a tornado warning is given about 15 minutes before it hits. In Crittenden and Piner, Kentucky on March 2, 2012, I was told by a couple of residents that a […]

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Unashamedly a Phillip Phillips Phangirl

Having watched about half of the seasons of American Idol, it is great to see this season’s winner stray from the standard vocal powerhouse in favor of a musically gifted modern-day crooner. Sure, his vocal abilities aren’t technically sound, but where his intonation is lacking, he makes up for in raw musical and songwriting talent. […]

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Visit to New Yankee Stadium

Not only was I fortunate enough to have visited the MLB Fan Cave during my trip to the Big Apple, I also had the opportunity to attend a game in which my two favorite teams played. I grew up a Yankees fan but also love the Cincinnati Reds, and having never been to New Yankee […]

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